What's Wind-ups?

Wind-ups is a Desktop program for GP32 with file browser, gxb/fxe files launcher and gif viewer.

From Wind-ups desktop you can easily launch any program, open the Pc-Link to download/upload files to your PC or Mac computer, open a file browser to have a look to you GP32 memory contents, launch other apps or view gif files.

If you want to change the background you can select a new image to replace it or add/remove any icons to the desktop. Now as easy as doing it in your PC computer with the right mouse button.

And with this version you get several utils you may find useful: kReader, kEditor, Age2k,kDict, ...
Lets have a look what can we do with them.

kReader: is a eBook reader with page selection, bookmark tool and built-in dictionary.

Open any book you have in your memory card, go to the point where you left the bookmark the last time you read it, and when reading it if you have any doubt in the meaning of any word (especially if you are reading in a foreign language) click over it and the dictionary will open to show you a little bit more of knowledge.

kEditor: is a small txt editor you can use to write quick notes using the amazing "Quad-9 Tree" typewriter. At the beginning it is a bit slow to control, but with some practice you can get easily more than 60 letters per minute!!

Age2k: this address book program will let you include all your friends names, addresses, phone and cellular phone numbers, email addresses and even pictures of them.

kDict: use this dictionary to find out the meaning or translation of this word you don't know.

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