Using Wind-ups

The first screen that will appear when launching the program is the Deskop.
There you will have several icons representing the differents tools of Windups and some links to programs you may have on your system.

Please note that fMSX32, SMS32, GPVGB and Wolf3D Icons are links to several programs I have installed on my system and these programs are not included in the fpk you can download here. So, if you don't have installed these programs on your GP32, they will not be launched.

My GP32 icon opens a File browser you can use to have a look at the file system you have in your SMC card. Move the cursor with d-pad and click A button over a folder to open it. You will see the folder/file properties at the bottom of the screen, that's the file name, file size and total of files in folder.

If you click with A button over a file the system will try to launch it. If it is a know file type it will be launch; for example you can launch fxe and gxb programs from file browser.

If it is a gif file it will open the image viewer. After launching an image file it will be showed in the screen and if you press A button again you will exit the image viewer. But if you press R/L buttons you will browse all the image files you have in that folder. Try going to the gp:\gpmm\wind-ups\imgs and launch the first image file. Press R button several times to view all the images of that folder. Use L for previous.

Using the B button:

B button opens a flying menu depending where it is pressed. When pressed over the Desktop (not over any Icon) you will get a menu to Create a New Icon, Change the background image of the desktop, Save the Desktop configuration or Reset the Gp32.

When pressed over an icon the menu refers to the selected icon change, delete or move it.

Creating/modifying an Icon:

A pop-up window will appear when creating/modifying an Icon. There you can choose what tool/program will be launched, the image file for the Icon and the name that this Icon will have on the desktop.

If you want to add one of the several embedded tools that comes with Wind-Ups (kEditor, kReader, Age2k, ...) you should select one of them from the From list: item.

But it you want to add a program (gxb of fxe file) you have in your smc card you should browse your smc using From disk: button.

To select the image you want for your Icon just browse your smc and get it.

Pressing over the Text button a "Quad-9 tree typewriter" window will open to let you type/change the text of the Icon. Please refer to the "Using the kEditor" section to know more about "Quad-9 tree typewriter".

Saving Desktop configuration:

Saving constantly files to the smc card can damage its limited "saving lifetime". So, when you change things in the desktop (change the background, move/edit/add Icons, ...) nothing is saved unless you do it manually. Just press the B button over the Desktop and select "Save Desktop" from the menu. Next time you start your Windups system everything will be as it was saved.

Notes about using gif images:

All the gif files used for background images and Icons must have the Gp32 system palette and must be:

320x240 pixels for background images.

24x24 pixels for Icons.

Estrange things may happen if they are different from these parameters. At the moment, there's no check function to avoid you select incorrect gif images. (Sorry, no time to do that this time).

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