Using Age 2k

Age2k is mainly an address book program that will let you include all your friends names, addresses, phone and cellular phone numbers, email addresses and even pictures of them.

When you open it the data file is automaticly loaded into memory and the first record of your address book is displayed on the screen. Use L and R buttons to go to the previous/next record or open the records directory with the "Find" button. In this screen you will have a list of all your contacts that you can browse using the d-pad. Pressing "Start" button will change the format of the list so you can see Group/Name pairs, Name/email, Name/Mobile phone or Name/phone number.

If you want to select a record press A button or press B button to go to the previous screen without selecting any record.

Editing a record:

Move the mouse with the d-pad and click over the field you want to edit (ex. Group, Name, ... ). An editing window will open where you can write/change the existing data. Click over the "Ok" button to confirm or the "Cancel" button to exit the editing window losing the changes.

Deleting a record:

Press the "Del" button to delete the record displayed on the screen. The next record will take the place of the deleted one and displayed on the screen.

Creating a new record:

Click over the "New" button to create a new record. It will be created in the last position of the address book. Edit the new record filling the fields and when you are finished, you can sort the address book to place the record in order.


This button will open a new window asking you the way you want your records to be sorted. If you want to sort keeping in mind only the Name field, select the second option "Sort by Name". But maybe you prefer to have groups of records instead of a mix of friends, family related, business contacts, favourite shops, ... That's how the first option "Sort by Group/Name" works: before sorting them, it makes groups of records taking the contents of the first field: "Group".

If you don't have a very clear idea of the diference try both ways and compare!


Everytime you exit the Age2k program you will be asked to save your address book but you can press the "Save" button if you want to make sure your recent changes are saved after editing some records (just in case you get out of batteries and lose all your changes).

Changing/Adding a picture to a record:

Maybe you have some photographs of your best friends you want to add to a record. Pressing over the photograph area will open a file browser where you can select a picture to add. You will find some 3D people pictures you can use and if you want to add your own photographs just keep in mind the must be gif files, 76x102 pixels and with GP32 palette.

Age2k for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP:

As you may think, creating a whole address book will take hours even with the quick "Quad-9 tree" typewriter, especially if you want to include all the details: address, mobile and phone number, email address...

Age2k for GP32 is though to view an existing address book and to edit/create a record when you are not in front of your PC or don't have a piece of paper and a pen near you (in holidays or when travelling when your GP32 is always with you ;). So the first or main address book can be made in a PC computer using the Age2k you can download here. You can create your address book with it, save the age2k.dat file to your hard disk (it's created in the same folder where age2k.exe is located) and them transfer it to the folder gp:\gpmm\wind-ups\age2k\ in GP32 using pclink.

Click here to download Age2k for Win95/98/NT/XP.

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